Sunday, August 30, 2009

Labor Commissioner Sides with Employers in Amicus Brief

In a significant development, the California Labor Commissioner filed an Amicus Brief with the California Supreme Court in the Brinker case, regarding the employer's obligation to provide breaks to employees.Significantly, the Labor Commissioner argued that employers merely have to provide breaks. They don't have to ensure that their employees take them.

Obama Administration to push for passage of EFCA

The Obama Administration is pushing for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act - EFCA. If passed it will revolutionize the way in which Unions organize workers in the US, allowing them to bypass NLRB secret ballot elections, and use "cardchecks" instead.

Eli Kantor Starts New Employment Law Blog

In conjunction with Eli Kantor's new website:
He has created a new blog which will focus on the latest developments in employment law, especially in the fast changing area of wage and hour law.