Monday, March 13, 2017

Beck v. Stratton

Beck v. Stratton (CA2/4 B270826A, filed 2/14/17, pub. ord. 3/8/17) Wage and Hour/Attorneys’ Fees

The Labor Commissioner awarded respondent Anthony Stratton approximately $6,000 in unpaid wages and penalties against his former employer, appellant Thomas Beck.  Beck unsuccessfully appealed the award to the superior court under Labor Code section 98.2, subdivision (a).  Stratton then moved for attorney’s fees under Labor Code section 98.2, subdivision (c) 58 days later.  Beck opposed the motion as untimely, because Stratton filed it after the 30-day deadline applicable to fee motions in limited civil cases.  Stratton maintained the motion was timely because it was filed within the 60-day deadline applicable to fee motions in unlimited civil cases.  The superior court agreed with Stratton and awarded him $31,365 in attorney’s fees.

On appeal, Beck contends that the motion for attorney’s fees was untimely because the case was a limited civil case.  He further contends that, even if the motion was timely, the fee award was unreasonably high and unsupported by competent billing evidence.  We disagree with both arguments and affirm the judgment of the superior court.

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